Our Story

African Grassroot Hoops is a development organization that grows leaders by encouraging them to open their minds to a world of opportunities. We were established November, 2014 and registered as a non-profit company (NPC) to bring basketball to Africa starting with Cape Town and surrounding areas.

We plan to get a basketball in the hands of every kid we come in contact with and for them to understand that that ball symbolizes a vehicle of opportunity. By partnering with community basketball enthusiasts in underdeveloped areas you can use basketball to reach our young and impressionable individuals. We believe in empowering basketball players and coaches to adapt a mindset that says that the sky is the limit

Our drive is to be a source of hope, empowerment, and to become an outlet for young individuals who live in one of the most unequal societies in the world regardless of race, gender, skills programs, and previous exposure to basketball, all we require is a can-do attitude. Our greatest strength is our passion for strategically developing programs that cater to our communities’ needs based on their feedback. We leverage their strength and give them a voice and a present in our ever growing worldly network.

Vision & Mission

Vision: The vision for AGH is to use a basketball to grow community leaders that change Africa to impact the world.   

Mission: Our mission is to use a basketball as a symbol of empowerment for community young and impressionable individuals. We create a platform that up skilling’s our future leaders by countering the stressor of their community all while having fun. In doing this you open their minds to opportunities that positively curves their future world path.

What We Do

We host programmed events that mobilizes young boys and girls allowing them to become the best verse of themselves possible using a basketball as a vehicle of hope. Our goal is to influence every young person we come in contact with that a basketball is a symbol of empowering opportunity. We’ll reach this goal by creating a blueprinted step-by-step curriculum complied from community input for basketball coaches and players that highlight the elements of leadership skills that come from the game thatopen there minds to the possibility of a good life in a bigger, better world. We do this all while having fun in a safe control environment.

                1st:  Fundraising Clinics and Tournaments

                2nd:  Partnerships with other Non-profits

                3rd:  Build Basketball Courts

                4th:  Program Development Manual 

How We Do It

We partner with community basketball enthusiast organizing events that will allow young people to showcase their talents both on and off the court. These events allows for the chance to take young people out of their normal environment providing them the exposure and support needed to ensure that their leadership quality’s can shine. Our events act as a channel for opportunities that we create for coaches and players alike who can thrive in our organised systems and structures that we putin place to develop their basketball knowledge and over all well being.


Giovanni Freeman


Vincent Ntunja


Meet Our

Board of Advisors

Nelia Harding

Dotan Lubezky

Nkululeko Mvulana

Lorenzo Davids

Mlungisi Mazana