By partnering with basketball club in disadvantage area to help to ensure that they have all the tools necessary to grow a self-sustainable program. AGH will devise a step by step blueprint on how to market, host clinics, run life skill sessions and raise funds. The tried and tested curriculum will be accumulated by feedback collected from AGH experience and the clubs existing programs. The aim for rolling out these objectives....

To create job by training representative coaches to make the most of their talent in the framework of their basketball club.

African Grassroots Hoops Gallery


  • To providing opportunities for fun through basketball in a safe environment where all kids are encouraged to register so that they can be kept track of on different levels of participation, school grades performance and player development
  • To up lift the clubs by helping them build and develop a curriculum that allows the basketball club to grow their program as well as the capacity to become self reliant.


  • To provide a structured fun environment¬† where rules and regulations are in place
  • To encourage more of a search for volunteer parents and community involvement of individuals willing to assist in the development of the club.
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Non-profit organisation in cape town


  • Youth will be giving the opportunity to develop character traits to channel their energies through a sport as an alternative to unproductive negative activities as crime.
  • Jobs will be created for young people as mentors, coaches and facilitator in around a sport that they love and enjoy
  • A safe and monitored environment will be established where children can go play basketball where there is structure and system.
  • A channel will be create to identify talent that has the potential to help in the advancement of their establishment.
  • Both boys and girls become more physically active and healthier.
  • Partnerships will be established with organizations and co-coordinators that will develop programs for life skills as well as basketball skills for players and coaches.