With the challenging issues facing many young South Africans, basketball acts as a way to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds, which helps to create a community.


Here are ways you can help:

Build a Court
Your support through funding will accelerate building our eco-friendly basketball courts in disadvantage areas by building sport infrastructure you can provide the opportunity to help break down the cycle of poverty. We believe that through public private partnerships basketball courts can bring about permanent sustainable development. In addition, your brand will be displayed on the basketball court which will be seen by hundred of young people. Our funding model outlines the benefits of full or partial sponsorship, we will happily email more details should you be interested.

Make a Donation
Your monthly and or annual financial donation will go towards events, sport equipment, club development and a secure income to help our team continue to provide our much needed service to our communities. Your donation will help us help each partnering basketball club become more self-reliant. In South Africa all donation can go towards your Corporate Social Investment budget allocation. We hereby confirm that 100% of beneficiaries of our organisation are Black as defined in the BBBEE Act (in other words, Black, Coloured or Indian). You can earn valuable BBEEE points by making a contribution as our work benefits previously disadvantaged individuals.

Partner with us
We cannot do it all alone. We are constantly looking for the support of like-minded companies and non-profit organisations to partner with who are willing to invest their expertise in our group of youth life skill programs that can be role across our group of clubs.


Fundraising Campaign
Our fundraising campaigns allows you to be directly involved in helping give young people and teens in South Africa an opportunity to grow up to be stronger, healthier adults. Regardless of age race or gender just understanding how important it is to have peer support. Our fundraising campaigns take place on an ongoing basis. We will happily keep you in the loop by providing us with your email address.